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Updated: Sep 29, 2023

autumn leaves turning green to yellow and orange
Are you sick of being told to “take care of yourself” in order to reduce your stress?

Are you tired of being told that the reasons for your insomnia, anxiety, procrastination and/or lack of energy are due to your diet, lack of exercise, failure to set boundaries and/or insufficient self-discipline?

Aren’t we burnt out yet by the blame-the-victim mentality of Self-Care Culture?

We should be.

Why? Because it’s failing us. How? Because it’s missing a critical part of the solution: our nervous system.

You see, there’s a step between a healthy diet, exercise, boundaries, self-discipline and the results you want – restful sleep, energy, achievement and the ability to truly relax. You know you’re capable of these things. You’ve had them or done them without trouble in the past. So what’s different now?

It’s your nervous system, and you can’t think, bargain or willpower your way out of it, at least not for long. And if that’s how you’ve been coping for the past decade, no wonder you’re running out of steam!

Your nervous system’s number one priority is to protect you. It wants to protect you from anything that resembles pain or trauma from your past. It wants to protect you from overwhelm. It might want to keep you safe from potential conflict, no matter the cost.

And when it encounters threats, real or imagined, it asks you to rest, veg out, snack, binge, dissociate and stall until it feels safe again.

So it’s true: There really is something standing between you and your optimal performance. It’s your nervous system, and no one ever taught you about it. Even though it’s remarkably simple to regulate, you don’t spend an ounce of your energy thinking about it because no one ever mentioned that you should.

And none of this is your fault because no one ever taught you how to hear your nervous system properly, let alone to regulate it on command. I mean, geez, is that even possible?

Actually, it is.

I’ve decided to go directly to the source. I am learning how to manage, regulate and even leverage my nervous system, because I am tired of being too afraid to say what I want to say. I am tired of defaulting to people pleasing. I am tired of living behind a curtain anxiety, and I’m tired of being tired.

It’s hard to believe, but I am already seeing big results. The transformation is as remarkable as it is fast. And I want to show you how you can make your nervous system work in your favor too.

Expect some big news in the next week or two because soon, I will start sharing what I’ve learned with people like me who know they’re capable of achieving more but have lost the ability to get there through sheer force of will.

After all, it isn’t practical to make it your own responsibility to change your lifestyle overnight. You can’t create more minutes in the day or even the energy to fill those minutes with what might heal you. Anyone who boils it down to priorities or productivity apps is just kidding themselves.

But once you start working with your nervous system, it all becomes easier. In fact, it’s the only way it might even be possible.

So let’s start there.


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