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You see what others miss. You crave novelty. Your creativity can be hard to contain. You relish the company of your own imagination over just about anything else.


But at every turn, you’re told to change. You’re told to be more disciplined, to toughen up, to be assertive and connect with others at all costs. As a result, you hide. You mask who you are. You stay quiet even when you know the world needs your ideas.


I’ve been there, and that’s why I’ve created the Neuro-Social Sovereignty Method (NSSM) to share with you tools I use to live in alignment with my most precious gifts.


Join up to three (3) other independent thinkers and learn from each other's journeys. Groups start on the 1st of the month (Sept. through May) and meet weekly for 10 weeks at set dates and times. See calendar for availability.

  • 10 small-group consulting calls (60-90 minutes each)

  • Neuro-Social Sovereignty Handbook (digital)

  • Ongoing support: Discounted on-demand 1:1 consulting calls for six (6) months after program ends


$1,450 (monthly plans available via Afterpay)

Group Introduction to Neuro-Social Sovereignty

Young brown woman hiking in rocky desert landscape, arms outstretched to signal freedom

Learn the Neuro-Social Sovereignty (NSSM) Method. Choose your preferred days and times for 10 weekly 1:1 trainings in nervous system regulation and brain function. Learn a variety of neuro drills to support overall neural health. Plus enjoy ongoing support at a pace that feels right for you.

  • 10 personal consulting calls (55 minutes each)

  • Neuro-Social Sovereignty Handbook (digital)

  • Ongoing support: Discounted on-demand consulting calls for six (6) months after program ends


$1,950 or 3 monthly payments of $650

Introduction to Neuro-Social Sovereignty


A nervous system grounded in a felt sense of safety opens doors that feel impossibly locked (such as tolerating conflict without losing sleep or setting boundaries without losing your income). Once you harness the strength of your full neural resources, you can be truly unstoppable.

Over the course of 10 weeks, the Neuro-Social Sovereignty Method (NSSM) combines:


  • Obstacle Scripting – prompt-guided writing to root out the narratives, habits and experiences you want to change;

  • Sovereignty Coaching – live, virtual consultations to move you through blockages and customize your neuro training to fit your needs; and

  • Neuro Stabilization – micro-movements, respiratory work and visual-auditory cues to nourish specific parts of your neurological network.


Will there be homework? Yes.

Will the work scare you sometimes? Yes.

Will you start noticing changes within the first 3 to 4 weeks? Absolutely.

Will you come away with powers that feel impossible right now? 100%!

You have the power to rewrite the rules and free yourself into a more expansive, satisfying future. Are you ready to break free?

How does NSSM work?

Trust-building writing services for clients in the public and private sectors. If you are looking for writing support in digital, print or speaking formats, I'm glad to help. My empathic nature makes me an ideal author to draft natural, approachable copy, prose and speeches.

  • Copywriting: web writing, proposals, articles

  • Copy editing: websites, articles, speeches

  • Speechwriting: no project too large or small

  • Grant writing: private or public sector


$195 per hour

Copywriting and Editing Services

White woman on beach, seated next to glowing orange tent with laptop open in her lap, ocean ahead of her
Solo Asian hiker (male) standing on ridge and looking out at a glacier-covered volcano peak several ridgelines away, at dawn

Highly-customized 1:1 support. Book a single session or package of sessions to get your questions answered, work through pain or anxiety, and lift your gaze to feel less stuck.

  • Stand-alone 1:1 consulting calls (45 mins)

  • Customized coaching catered to your needs

  • Scheduled at your own pace


$225 per session

Nervous System Consultation

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