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I train neurodivergent, high sensory, independent thinkers to harness their nervous system so they can stand in their power and change the world.


As a high sensory autistic, I intuitively sense when people aren’t living in alignment with their genuine needs or are spending too much energy where it isn’t appreciated.


I know from experience how this behavior can compound into trauma if it continues too long.


That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help others break free from the rules, narratives and agendas that block our freedom to be who we really are.


Headshot of Karapace Founder Katie Whittier, orange top under brown jacket, turqoise stone jewelry

You are different for a reason. You are meant to impact the world through your talents, intellect and passions. Yet at every turn, you run into obstacles that block you from reaching your goals. And you’re exhausted.


I’ve been there. I followed the career ladder for two decades, flailing from wild success to massive burnout in an ever-widening spiral until one day, it all caught up to me – and I crashed. It was my wake-up call, and I spent four years remaking myself in its wake.


It was worth it.


You see, I’d been living my life according to everyone else’s rules without a clue about who I really was. I wanted what others wanted. I sought what others sought. And I wondered why I felt further and further away from my dreams of living the life I thought I was building – a life of freedom, creativity, nature and recognition.


When I finally stopped to really meet myself, I realized I’m autistic and high sensory. I saw how many of the painful memories in my past were actually traumas I refused to acknowledge because I was too afraid that I’d always feel broken. And I realized that if I didn’t learn to accept all of it – all of myself – I would never be able to accept any of myself.


So I started looking for ways to reckon with who I really am, and myriad resources showed up. I learned to claim the powers in my high sensory nature. I learned to honor my introversion. I learned to process my traumas. I learned to regulate my nervous system. And I rewrote my life story through the lens of autism so I could let go of expectations from the past.


Now, I want to share what I’ve learned with you because you have every right to pursue the life that you want. It isn’t easy, but radical self-acceptance in a world that tells you to mask who you really are, to thicken your skin and grit your teeth if you want to succeed, is the only worthwhile route to your wildest dreams. And it all starts in your nervous system.

- Katie Whittier, Founder and CEO


My Story

Are you ready to regulate?

We’ve all heard the old saying, “If you can dream it, you can be it,” and we wish it could be true. Fundamentally, it is true. But only after we add some important extra words:


If you can dream it and convince your entire neurology to believe it, from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, then yes, you can be it.


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