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I train high achievers to heal anxiety, overwhelm and self-doubt by leveraging the nervous system’s natural capacity for resilience, courage and power.


As a high sensory autistic, I intuitively sense when people aren’t living in alignment with their genuine needs or are spending too much energy where it isn’t appreciated.


I know from experience how this behavior can compound into trauma if it continues too long.


That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help others break free from the limiting narratives that block our freedom to be who we really are.


Headshot of Karapace Founder Katie Whittier, orange top under brown jacket, turqoise stone jewelry

I began my career in politics, working on high-profile campaigns such as President Barack Obama’s 2008 race and U.S. Senator Patty Murray’s 2010 re-election. I went on to serve as a communications consultant for several high-visibility organizations until a major mental breakdown changed the course of my life.


Three years into my recovery, I was diagnosed with autism, which led to an intense interest in how the brain and nervous system work and how neurological differences impact how the world operates.


To that end, I studied applied neurology and used its techniques to process past traumas, de-weaponize my anxiety and develop the resilience necessary to live free from old behavior patterns that limited my potential. Training my nervous system made it possible not only to grow my business but also to pick up the career I’d lost and return to the workforce full-time with ease.


I now teach others to harness the power of their own nervous system so they too can carve an authentic path to health and propel their lives toward the abundance and freedom they deserve.


My Story

What do I mean by Neuro-Social Sovereignty?

It’s having the strength of body, mind and spirit to facilitate the deep self-trust that can make your inner compass into an inexhaustible source of energy. It happens as you leverage your nervous system to serve as your own personal power plant that shields you from the outages caused by external stressors, pressures and threats.

Because humans evolved as social creatures, we are too often rewarded for sacrificing our innate capacity in order to fit in. Historically, acceptance meant survival, and humans enforced community cohesion through a number of now-outdated methods that no longer deserve to influence us as we evolve into the next phase human capacity – tools like:


  • Shame

  • Rigidity of thought

  • Denial of individual authority

  • Gatekeeping

  • Gaslighting

  • And so forth.


Only by claiming our Neuro-Social Sovereignty can we usher in the evolution society needs to advance into the future. Only by learning to stand in our own power can we step out from behind the cohesive tools of the past and capture our highest capacity for joy, love and abundance.

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