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Let’s Rewire Your Nervous System, Rewrite Your Narrative and Rethink the Rules So You Can Unleash Your Power to Thrive as Your True Self.

Are You Exhausted Trying to Safely Operate in a Socially-Connected World?

  • Humans have a natural drive for social connection

  • You have to “fit in” with society’s expectations

  • Standing out or being different is dangerous

  • If you aren’t willing to speak on stage, network at events or cold call, you’ll never build a business or excel in your career

  • Success is all about attracting hordes of followers, burning the midnight oil and faking it ‘til you make it

You've probably been told...

  • Therapy, coaching and self-help books

  • Techniques like NLP  to “communicate better”

  • Schedulers, planners, calendars or reminder tools and apps

  • Meditation, yoga, affirmations or gratitude journals

  • “Toughening up” or only to wind up hiding under desks, in utility closets or behind the comfort of a bathroom stall

  • Masking or drinking (or both). A lot.

Maybe you've tried...

  • Therapy is designed around neurotypical standards.

  • Schedulers, planners and reminder tools are just another thing to manage

  • Gratitude and affirmations work best for already-happy people. (Same goes for spa days, if we're being honest.)

  • Toughening up, masking or drinking are superhighways to dissociated living.

  • And meditation can be outright dangerous if you have a history of trauma.

Here's why it didn't work...

The world is designed to feel safe for extroverted neurotypicals, and you happen to be someone else.

You see, none of it moves you from survival into thriving because none of it outpaces the cultural, familial and personal beliefs that  are stuck in your nervous system.

And your nervous system is primed to override rational thinking until you feel entirely safe. That's how nervous systems work.

You're not broken. I'll show you a better way.

Katie Whittier, Found of Karapace, walking in an autumn vinyard wearing jean jacket and orange dress

By the time I reached my late-30s, my nervous system was so worn out that it sabotaged me. It sent me running away from my dream job after just nine months in the role. Then it pushed me into burnout so severe that suicide felt like my only option. When it ultimately threatened to make me throw away the business I founded, I finally said, No more.

You see, I’m autistic, empathic and a trauma survivor. I’m a so-called misfit and a loner. The world and its demands for social interaction overwhelm me on a colossal scale.

But I’m not broken. I have a rich imagination. I have deeply fulfilling hobbies. And I regularly experience delight, awe, inspiration and a sense of fun – the very essence of wellness.

It was only by buying into society’s “shoulds” that I dysregulated my nervous system to the point that I lost all resilience under stress. Tuning into my feelings became too dangerous, so I dissociated to the point of losing nearly all my ability to hear my body’s signals.

I reached a point where I began to wonder:

  • If I had a more regulated nervous system, would I have more capacity to tolerate and recover from sensory overload?

  • Would I be able to access the brilliant parts of my neurodivergent brain without overloading the sensitive parts in the process?

  • Could I find the courage to unmask and live fully as who I truly am?

Guess what? I can, and I do.

Now I’ve created the Neuro-Social Sovereignty Method to help you do the same. I train neurodivergent, high sensory, independent thinkers like you to harness the nervous system and stand in your rightful power.

Okay. So what?

Neuro-Social Sovereignty

Over the course of 10 weeks, my Method trains you to recognize and rewrite the rules, beliefs and narratives that fail to enable your highest potential.

Because these rules tend to be deeply ingrained and difficult to uproot, I work at the level of the nervous system so you come away with the neural resources you need to get the most from your life. Together, we build a platform of safety for you to operate freely in a socially-connected world.

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  1. Obstacle Scripting – prompt-guided writing to root out the narratives, habits and experiences you want to change.

  2. Sovereignty Coaching – individualized guidance to move you through blockages and customize your neuro training to address your specific, unique deficits.

  3. Neuro Stabilization – micro-movements, respiratory work and visual-auditory cues to nourish specific parts of your neurological network.

Three Components

This is Your Fork-in-the-Road Moment.

  • Most coaches, personal trainers and individual consultants – like most people – are neurotypical or aren’t trauma-informed. As a neurodivergent, high sensory trauma survivor, I see the world in distinct ways – probably a lot like you do. I wouldn’t be much help to a social butterfly, nor would I have much to offer an “average Joe” who gets along just fine day-to-day. That’s why I don’t work with them. I work with people like you instead because I know from experience how few coaches can help us.

    Sadly, some neurodivergent coaches offer programs to overcome neurodivergence, even if they don’t explicitly say so. You might’ve found yourself triggered or even re-traumatized if you worked with them because your nervous system detected threat. First, I need to be clear that I am never, ever going to advocate for overcoming neurodivergence. I love my autism. I’m sure you love your neurodivergence too. My goal is to maximize your neural network’s capacity for resilience so that you can be neurodivergent without it having to mean experiencing chronic anxiety, overwhelm and shutdowns.

    So if what you’ve tried in the past fell short of your expectations, my bet is that your nervous system was working hard to protect you from aspects of the work that pushed you out of a sense of safety and into a threat state like anxiety. Your precious nervous system probably knew what you were learning could or eventually would cause you to shut down, so you had to either scale back your efforts or bring only part of yourself to the coaching to get through.


    My goal is to train you to create the safety your nervous system needs so the coaching elements of the course can access 100% of your neural resources. This is the only real route to transformation.

  • If you’re in a high visibility role, I bet you’re often mistaken for an extrovert when in reality, you’re fantasizing about the comforts of your own bed most of the day. I see you. And yes, this program is exactly for people like you. What would happen if the next time you felt the urge to speak about something controversial or vulnerable, you didn’t throw up in the bathroom afterward or replay the entire exchange in your head all night for two, three, ten nights thereafter? That’s the type of end-goal I can help you achieve.

    As for the trenches of motherhood – so much admiration! There might be no harder time to set up and enforce boundaries, maintain your sense of self and even remember what freedom means. Yes, this program is for you. With your nervous system fully on your side, the ups and downs of parenting are far less extreme, your energy is spent on action instead of anxiety, and you can be in a state of co-regulation with your family by literally bringing down the chaos in your home just through regulating yourself.

    And let’s talk about meditation: It is a broad and overused term. None of the models work for everyone. It can inadvertently train people to dissociate (I’ve been there). It can trigger people into re-living subconscious traumas over and over. And it can be a massive waste of time and energy. That’s why it is NOT a part of my program, even though I’ve finally reached a place where I value it (I now meditate every morning, crazy as that sounds). Instead, we’re focused on the more tangible and action-based sides of neuroplasticity, because until your nervous system is a safe and comfortable environment, sitting still with your eyes closed can’t take you very far.

  • Neuro-Social Sovereignty departs from interpersonal biology and relational neuroscience by valuing self-hood over social connectivity. Neurodivergent, high sensory, empathic and traumatized individuals often open themselves up to more harm than healing when programs prioritize social connection as a main pathway to health.

    In my experience, people like us have spent too much of our life hiding our true selves behind masks, people-pleasing and other "pro-social" behaviors that sacrifice our sense of self and leave us vulnerable to manipulation and abuse. I say no more. We need healing and growth outside of the paradigm of social connection.

  • All sessions are scheduled at your convenience. Book a single session (on-demand) or purchase a package of sessions to train your nervous system. The Neuro-Social Sovereignty Method is a specific package of 10-sessions that follows a robust curriculum and includes mindset coaching.

    All sessions are virtual so you can heal from wherever in the world you happen to be.

  • Nervous System Consulations are paid session-by-session or as a package of sessions.

    Neuro-Social Sovereignty sessions are paid as a package of 10 consultations with an accompanying curriculum. You have the option to pay the entire cost upfront or to break it into three monthly payments. Learn more by visiting the Services page.

  • As a trauma survivor myself, both in childhood and adulthood, I’ve walked that road. I am trauma-informed at a very personal level and am very invested in healing from it. Many coaches and personal consultants skip over the tough stuff like trauma to stay focused on the end goal, robbing clients of the chance to move the energy through your system when it comes up.

    While it’s important to note that I am not a therapist nor am I trained in psychology, I am both trained and experienced in recognizing when trauma arises in a client. Because trauma lives in the nervous system, and because my work focuses on nervous system regulation to drive results, past trauma is very likely to surface during our work. When it does, my work is to hold space for that energy, to move it as gently through your system as we can, to help you co-regulate in the moment and to collaborate with you on what you need in that moment and beyond.

    I strongly encourage all clients, but especially clients with past trauma, to have a variety of supports in place anytime they want to undertake transformative work. You may want to hire a mental health provider, spiritual guide, coach or other practitioner to provide additional outlets through which to support and nourish your growth over our time together.

  • Yes. If at the end of the program you aren’t feeling the shifts and changes you need to live your life with more confidence and freedom, you can repeat the program at no additional cost. (If you were a group participant, you have the option to upgrade to 1:1 programming at a reduced rate.)

  • Write me a message at the form below (labeled "Questions?" in the footer) and I'll respond as quickly as I  am able. Thanks for taking the time to ask!



What’s the worst that could happen?

  • Another weekend where you can’t get out of bed?

  • Another year of scrolling your phone because you have no energy for hobbies?

  • Another decade that doesn’t deliver the bucket-list opportunities you hoped it would?

Listen, you can keep on throwing your nervous system into the grind and hope for the best.

Or you can shore up your nervous system to be safe enough to achieve what you know is possible if everyone would just stay out of your way.

This is your fork-in-the-road moment. If good enough is good enough, great. It worked for me for a long time! But if what you want is:

  • Autonomy to push back against a flood of obligations

  • Power to finally say no to your boss

  • Freedom to choose how you spend your holidays without feeling guilty

  • Courage to ask for the promotion you know you deserve, or even strike out on your own

  • Sovereignty to unmask your best self and claim the freedom you deserve


Then we should talk - before burnout comes for you.

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