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When "dreaming it" isn't enough

Torn paper on purple gemstones reads "Dream" in timid black paint

We’ve all heard the old saying, “If you can dream it, you can be it,” and I really wish I could tell you it’s true. Fundamentally, it is. But only after we add some important extra words:

If you can dream it and convince your entire neurology to believe it, from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, then yes, you can be it.

“Dreaming it” is so much more than a mental exercise. It’s more than daily affirmations in the mirror. It’s more than visualization exercises to see your future self in action. Both can help, but not because of what happens between your ears – because of how they start to bring your body into the dream too.

The brain takes its cues about safety and survival from your body via the nervous system. So when your dreams don’t seem to work out even after the most diligent mental work, you can bet that the reason why is because your body – via the nervous system – believes it will risk your safety, even when your dream is designed to create more safety in your life.

  • The boundaries you want to set with your boss, friends or family? Your nervous system might stop you because it feels like you’re risking your financial security or social acceptance if you speak your needs.

  • The big, visible promotion you need for the next phase of your career? Your nervous system might stop you because it feels like it raises the stakes on everything – no matter how high the salary, the chance of failure is enough to scare you from ever feeling secure enough to carry through.

  • The next level of training to amp up your performance, be it in athletics, music, theater or any other expressive endeavor? Your nervous system might slow you down with injury, migraines, forgetfulness and even long-term illness to protect you from whatever it thinks will come next.

Bring the body on board.

The truth is this: From our earliest years onward, we develop habits and stories to protect us. When growth and progress challenge those protective habits and stories, we run into internal roadblocks like fear, doubt, exhaustion, burnout and anxiety.

Dream it, and it will scare you back into bed.

Because these reactions come from the parts of your neural network that are hard-wired to keep you alive, safe and accepted, they are valid – and strong. But they can also be cages that keep you stuck in taxing environments, demand that you mask your true self or silence you from voicing your needs.

Your mind can be it, but your biology will stop you before you get too far.

No matter what you do, your brain is constantly changing. Your nervous system has evolved to be highly adaptive and creative. Your high sensory, independent mind has primed you to see beyond the average human experience, and while this can be overwhelming or even debilitating, it is also a massive source of intellect, energy and genius – if only your nervous system will trust you.

Your mind is already there, but your body senses threat.

That’s why I decided to go straight to the source. Let’s coax your brain to trust your dreams by creating safety at the nervous system level. Then, as your body learns to trust your mind, let’s expand your opportunities to finally realize the vision you have for your life.

With your full neural resources on board, you really can achieve your dreams.

Claim your sovereignty.

Today, I’m delighted to launch services designed to train your nervous system in alignment with your dreams. You can train in a few different ways:

  • Through my 10-week Neuro-Social Sovereignty program, either as a personal (1:1) experience or in a small group.

  • Through 1:1 customized sessions booked on-demand where we discuss precisely what change you want to see and build a personalized approach to bring your nervous system on board.

Maybe you want to:

  • Get back into running after a 20-year hiatus

  • Start your own business

  • Publish your ideas and get noticed for them

  • Pivot out of an established career track

  • Re-establish your sense of direction with your children all grown up

  • Unmask after an autism, ADHD or other identity-related diagnosis

Or maybe your dream is closer to home, like to:

  • Live without anxiety

  • Go to a party without having to drink

  • Learn to hear and honor your own needs

  • Separate your family members’ emotions from your own

  • Survive the holidays without crashing – sick or exhausted – for the first half of January

That’s what nervous system training can do for you.

So if you’re hungry to pursue a neglected dream but don’t want to end up disappointed yet again, let’s talk. Book a FREE discovery call to get started, and we’ll figure out the best path to realize your vision – for real this time.


To celebrate my launch, I’m offering a limited-time 33% discount on all offerings booked this month. Get your coupon code by messaging me at the form in the footer. But don’t wait too long! The discount goes away on November 1.

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