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Raise the Integrity

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

A month later, I’m still absorbing insights from the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer. I especially love how Dave Samson frames one way business can respond to the volatility of today’s low-trust climate. Check out #4 on his list of actions to take:

Distribute trustworthy information. Raise the integrity of your content by ensuring what you distribute is balanced, based on sound science and accurate facts.

What a concept: to “raise the integrity.” Whether it’s content, decision-making, relationship-building, leadership or any other worthwhile endeavor, there are many opportunities to raise the integrity.

  • He doesn’t say, “never put out bad information.”

  • He doesn’t write, “triple check everything you do.”

  • He just challenges us to raise the bar however we can with the talents, authority and platform that we have.

Given the quantity of content being produced and the quantity of activities we participate in every day, it would come as a great relief to take a minute to consider whether all the hustle is living up to our standards for integrity. Then, let’s raise the bar.

In fact, it's worth evaluating how to “raise the integrity” of our work on a regular basis because it’s easy to run out of ideas, exhaust a topic or give a little less while we’re chasing other goals. Effort can tend toward autopilot, but when we take time quarterly to ask how we might raise the bar, we can discover other ways we need to correct course at the same time:

  • Integrity slippage might be an indicator that we’re spread too thin and need to remember to say no.

  • It could mean we need to take a break from what we’re doggedly pursuing so that we have more energy to put toward integrity and quality.

  • It could mean it is time to go back to the well and gather fresh ideas or viewpoints to bring our work more closely in line with what is real and true. And necessary.

To that end, I’m keeping it short today. It’s time to reflect a bit. Hope you have a chance to do the same.


Karapace Consulting can help evaluate your content and raise its integrity. Reach out to us at the form below, and we’ll be in touch!

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