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Do your goals reflect your potential?

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Sometimes, you reach a point in life where you feel blocked or get stuck. It’s a “mired in muck” feeling, and it shows up as depression, chronic procrastination, start-stop-start cycles, or hard-to-explain fits of rage.


It's easy to spend a lot of time and energy trying to move around the blockage or get yourself out of the muck, but often, it doesn’t work. Maybe you take up meditation, do a bunch of mindset work, switch careers, go back to school… only find yourself a year or two later in the same stuck place as before.


This certainly happened to me. Why? Because I thought life was a checklist to accomplish.


  • Graduate high school, check

  • Get a bachelor's degree, check

  • Get a job, check

  • Get married, check

  • Have kids… well, I never got around to that one. And in part, here’s why:


  • My marriage disintegrated.

  • I was forced out of a job I loved.

  • I scrambled to stay afloat financially by bouncing from toxic workplace to toxic workplace until one day, I had a massive breakdown – so massive, in fact, that it changed my brain. Just like a TBI.


That’s how life goes. It’s not a checklist to accomplish. And the more committed you are to that checklist, the more likely you are to lose sight of what you need to feel momentum in your life.


In fact, depending on how much power the checklist has in your life, you might feel like you’ve never gotten to know yourself at all. I certainly felt that way, especially after my brain flat-lined.


When you’re living checkmark to checkmark on a list of someone else’s prescribed “ideal” life, you aren’t living up to your highest potential.

  • You probably don’t even know what your true potential looks like.

  • There’s a good chance that you’re neglecting your very purpose in life.

  • You're definitely denying yourself the freedom you deserve.

  • And you're probably missing out on opportunities to feel profound joy and satisfaction.


Joy and satisfaction are exactly what authentic goal-setting brings. In fact, they’re two very good metrics by which to find your purpose. (But more on that another day.)


But it is very hard to let go of the checklist because it opens up the terrifying question of what you want out of life. And it’s this precise fear that keeps you stuck. If only there was a way to heal the fear without resorting back to someone else’s “shoulds...”


There is, and it’s called Applied Neurology.


Applied Neurology is an evidence-based modality rooted in the concept of neuroplasticity. It works at the level of the peripheral nervous system by using sensory inputs, micro-movements and respiratory techniques to rewire parts of the brain that are stuck in old or broken patterns.

As you bringing neural deficits back online, your fear and anxiety dissipate – plus, your executive function improves, physical pain eases and old traumas start to heal.


Applied Neurology was my doorway into designing a “checklist” that actually works for me.

  • It is the path I took to find my own voice.

  • It’s the modality I use to process emotions, manage stress and obliterate fear.

  • And it’s how I know that this year’s goals – my New Years Resolutions – are taking me closer to who I want to be: the best version of who I already am.


2024 could be the year that gets you unstuck for good and moves you into the fast lane of your best life. If you’re ready to bust through the roadblocks (and fear) that stand between you and the joy you deserve, join me at my free online workshop to learn a few simple tools to shore up your neural resources.

Friday, Jan. 19, 2024

10 a.m. Pacific


See you there.

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