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Do you feel safe enough to trust yourself?

Silhoutted person balancing on a log with the sunsetting over the ocean in the background, signals feeling safe enough to trust oneself

Life isn’t meant to be easy, but what if you could experience more ease even in the tough moments?

  • What if you felt energized by challenges instead of daunted by them?

  • What if you felt comfortable in your own skin no matter who you’re with or where you’re at?

  • What if you felt capable of expanding into any relevant opportunity that comes your way?


In other words, what if you lived free of self-doubt?


That’s how it feels to trust yourself – the fullest expression of self-acceptance. And it happens only after you’re able to both identify and reach for your authentic needs and desires.


Without self-trust, you’re likely to dream of escape. You want to be someone else. You seek a different job, different house, different environment in which you might live differently.


But having ease in your life is more than just trusting yourself – it is also feeling safe enough to thrive from a neurobiological perspective so that pursuing your wants and needs becomes more possible.


This is where nervous system training can make a world of difference: Medications, support groups, faith and mindset can get you pretty far, but fear and anxiety will still find a way to sabotage you until you learn to enter the ring and wrestle as their equal.


Imagine you live with a low degree of self-trust and a high degree of anxiety.


  • It’s likely you’re masking your true self to make others more comfortable.

  • You’re mirroring back what you think others expect you to say, do and be.

  • Maybe you feel like a puppet, manipulated and used by others who put their interests above your own.

  • Maybe you feel like an imposter and fear being seen for who you really are, frightened and small.


This is the opposite of ease.


Now imagine you live with a healthy degree of self-trust, but your anxiety screams that people will reject you for living your truth.


  • Maybe you’re being actively bullied or passively shunned.

  • Maybe you feel blocked from showing the full extent of your talents because you’re surrounded by people who fear the courage you demonstrate in living your authentic life.

  • It’s exhausting to spend your energy advocating for your worth even as you know you’re worth it.

  • Then you reach burnout. You crash. You break down.


This isn’t ease either.


But what if, instead, you leave it all behind and disappear into the comforts of solitude – a delicious isolation in which you are not judged and don’t have to perform because no one is around to notice your existence.


  • You thrive, but you stop growing.

  • You stop speaking your truth.

  • Maybe you grow bored.

  • You wish something more for your life – love, acknowledgement, achievement. But is it worth risking the comfort and happiness of staying hidden?


What might feel easy brings no long-term ease.


The journey to your highest potential – knowing and trusting yourself with the confidence of your entire neural network to back you up – requires both top-down (cognitive) and bottom-up (somatic) practices.


That's why I combine bottom-up nervous system exercises with top-down reflection techniques when I am searching for the next level of my personal growth.


  • My neuro-somatic work gives me a platform of safety from debilitating anxiety as I step into the unknown.

  • Meanwhile, my cognitive reflection techniques (journaling and mindset coaching) help me recognize and visualize my higher potential.


Either approach on its own helps tremendously. But together, I have both momentum and a sense of ease, allowing growth at a more rapid pace and more deeply ingrained. This brings about durable change and expands my capacity to believe in myself even as I explore the unknown.


If you want more freedom and expansion in your life, I’ll show you how you, too, can leverage both cognitive and somatic techniques simultaneously to amp up your power to change, heal, grow and perform at higher levels than you think possible today.


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