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Anxiety running loose?

Updated: Jun 18

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I’ve been hinting at it for a few weeks now, and I’m finally ready to come clean: I’m adding personal consulting services to my line-up of client offerings!

What is personal consulting?

Think of it like personal training, only instead of going to the gym to train your muscles you can click into a virtual meeting with me and train your nervous system.

Why train your nervous system?

When I was diagnosed with autism this spring, it shed fresh light on all the past burnouts, break-ups, breakdowns and hurdles that kept me from reaching so many of my goals. What I saw in my mirror wasn’t a broken or incapable person. Instead, she was someone whose tolerance for overwhelm was shrinking with each passing year.

And yet the world of late-diagnosed autistics shows how many of us are absolutely thriving. Some lead major, visible teams at large corporations. Many run their own business. Many more lead academic programs, and still more are publishing books, articles and blogs on relevant, engaging topics.

Why was I different?

While I was working with a personal coach, she introduced me to the concept of nervous system training. That’s when the pieces fell into place for me. I started to wonder:

  • If I had a more regulated nervous system, would I have more capacity to tolerate and recover from sensory overload?

  • Would I be able to access the brilliant parts of my neurodivergent brain without overloading the sensitive parts in the process?

  • Would I be able to unmask and live as fully who I am?

I knew I lived in a chronically dissociated state. I knew how painful it felt to connect with my body. I also knew I was missing out on rich intuition, creativity and healing by living up in my head where I was comfortable. And I knew I needed to change; I just didn’t know how.

This summer, I enrolled in an intensive neuro-somatic training course to learn how to regulate, manage, befriend and heal my nervous system. Within a week, I started sensing what was going on inside my body (it was scary!). Within two weeks, I started setting boundaries and navigating conflict without feeling wiped out for days. Within four weeks, I could move out of panic and into composure on command.

The results?

Suddenly, I started taking action where just weeks ago I felt too scared to even try – actions like stating my opinion, writing vulnerable blog posts, asking for what I really want instead of rolling with what was offered, and even engaging in small talk without replaying the conversation in my mind.

And I realized:

  • With more capacity in my nervous system, I am more at ease in the world.

  • When I am more at ease in the world, I feel free to be who I am.

  • When I feel free to be who I am, I can bring my talents, creativity and insights. I can reach my goals.

Now, I’m bringing what I’ve learned to people like me who know they can’t just think their way to success but don’t know how to make the magic happen. I want neurodivergent, high sensory, independent thinkers to live empowered by their nervous system, not restricted by it, so they can stand in their power and change the world.

If I can find my way to a more integrated life, so can you.

So what is this whole thing called?

It’s the Neuro-Social Sovereignty Method. It takes 12 to 16 weeks and includes fully customized nervous system training tools along with background and assessment of how your neural network is functioning. You learn to assess the state of your nervous system in real time and to optimize it for performance under pressure.

What comes next?

I’m currently upgrading my website, setting up services and finalizing a curriculum to roll out in October. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter because subscribers will get early priority and discounts once I launch.

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